Escaping the Content Bottleneck to Power Personalization

Your customers expect memorable moments at every brand touchpoint. And when you have websites, social pages, blogs, and mobile content to consider, it can feel impossible to deliver everything with quality and speed, let alone personalizing experiences. Every brand wants to deliver personalization at scale for their customers, but 97% of marketers say producing enough content to meet their organization’s needs is their biggest concern.

With the ability to deliver personalization at scale being the holy grail of marketing, the daunting task of content creation and personalization becomes a full-blown, business-critical issue. Incremental improvements with legacy tools are no longer a viable solution. New thinking and paradigms are called for, and nothing short of a marketing transformation built on a new class of systems and processes is needed. In this session, we’ll explore how integrating content creation and marketing efforts can help supercharge your marketing operations and power personalized experiences at scale.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the importance of a content hub in removing the content bottleneck in order to achieve marketing objectives
  • Operationalize around a content hub for marketing and personalization efficiencies
  • Scale content creation efforts for personalization using data