How You Can Be An Inclusive Marketer (and Why It Matters)

As our world becomes more of a global market and as various cultural communities (racial/ethnic/sexual identity/gender identity/ability/age/religion) rightfully seek representation in advertising and marketing, there is a business case to be made for developing content that speaks authentically to your target audience and helps to expand your market. Moreover, there is an ethical obligation to do so, particularly for brands and companies that seek to be socially responsible. After this session, you will have the foundational skills to best market to your multicultural audience – or to begin developing one through your marketing and branding.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why inclusive marketing is important, and why it is everyone’s responsibility
  • Make the business case and ethical case for inclusive marketing
  • Implement four new skills that will improve your marketing efforts with distinct groups
  • Reference some examples of brands that have effectively marketed to a historically marginalized group