A Guide to the Next 18 Months: Consumer Trends, the Recession, and the Return to “Normal”

With the many rapid changes happening in society, companies are struggling to understand what will happen next and when we’ll return to normal (whatever that is). In this session, we’ll cover the latest consumer trends we’re seeing, describe the stresses consumers are feeling, give practical advice on what it means for companies, and discuss what you can do to improve your own situation and prepare for the next 18 months.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand consumers’ hesitation to visit public locations (stores, hotels, airplanes, etc.), and what companies can do to entice them to return
  • Evaluate the shift to curbside pickup and home delivery, and how much of it will last long term
  • Understand social issues beyond the pandemic, and how they are adding to the stresses on consumers
  • Assess the impact of the pandemic on education
  • Understand worker attitudes on working at home vs. in an office
  • Weigh candid reactions to pandemic-related messaging and know what not to say