Hear, Here! Build and Engage Your Audience with Podcast Marketing

In the midst of our current digital renaissance, with breakthrough technologies maturing, an old-school yet cutting-edge marketing tactic is resurging: audio. And who can think of audio without thinking of podcasting? But how many podcasts are there? According to Edison Research Infinite Dial 2020, the number is more than1,000,000. So how and why would you add podcasting to your marketing mix?

The answer is that the world of sound is immediate, portable, affordable, customizable, and accessible wherever you go. The trick is in knowing when and how to create your strategy. Join this session for a lively discussion on how to build new audiences and engage with current audiences via podcasting.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Integrate your podcast strategy into your overall marketing plan
  • Differentiate various types of podcasting and determine whether you should start your own podcast or work through existing offerings
  • Determine the best ways to market your podcast
  • Understand how to budget and monetize your podcast
  • Identify essential equipment to have and how to make your podcast accessible for the hearing impaired